Planning against the unknown?

Transforming to stay ahead of the world’s changing needs requires a strong strategy. Connect to a better future for your organisation and the world at large. Keogh helps organisations articulate their purpose, vision, values and strategy, bringing meaning to work.

"Keogh understood our objectives and created a great environment for us to share and align as a team. My favourite bit was hearing how consistent everyone was in their thinking around vision - and getting to know a bit more about each person!"

Julie Keene | CEO, Integra

Resources, insurance, hospitality. Whatever industry you’re in, we have experience in helping create the long-lasting success strategies that help businesses grow beyond expectations. Creation, innovation or perturbation, we’re here for sage guidance at every stage

"I can honestly say if it was not for Yvette we would not be in the good stead we are currently in and would be struggling to hold ourselves together. Through strength and resilience Yvette has guided us through some very murky waters... We can see the light at the end of the tunnel and are so excited to get this company off the ground and running at full capacity plus some"

Indi Harwood | On behalf of Directors and Team at Heyder & Shears

Case Study: Revisiting the Organisational Strategy for MidCentral District Health.

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