Structured leadership development will benefit any organisation, but many of the changes will not be made at a desk.

A holistic mix of personal and professional coaching has the potential to unlock the wisdom of a participant’s ‘authentic self.’

Any journey of self-discovery should include important insights and some breakthrough ‘a-hah’ moments, clear progress towards goals, and over time, the installation of new habits – new ways of thinking, doing and being.

Keogh use a unique development approach based on the Wisdom Wheel – a path to emotional, physical, technical and spiritual wisdom. With it, leaders develop the behaviours, mind-set and skills necessary to succeed and successfully lead change.

"With Keogh's coaching and ongoing support, I remain focused on the value of lifelong learning, feedback, self-reflection and surrounding myself with great people that will keep me balanced through many years and opportunities to come!"

Kristine Leo, China Country Manager | Chief Representative, Woodside Energy

"Their involvement since has been more open, honest, and as peers of the board."

Ian Kuchel | Director, GPA Engineering

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