Why relationships matter to megaprojects.

Success only results when a critical mass of ‘the collective’ attains a state of ‘interdependence in motion’. To be achieved, it demands a shared commitment to the same vision, goals and values, and that each part remains dynamically in relationship with each other.

When working with major and megaprojects, our framework allows project leaders to manage the obvious and the invisible, and build alignment and integration across the many facets of the project.

The many lenses of megaprojects


More than roles and reporting lines, this lens calls for the creation of a transformation plan. It’s a detailed scoping of coordinated and integrated initiatives to ensure the achievement of ‘coherence, alignment and integration’ across all parts of the project; a key ingredient for success.


When everyone is truly engaged with and aligned to the project why and vision, it will take on unstoppable momentum. In the end, we strive to have everyone take up the mantle of leader and influencer.


Passionately committed project leadership is a critical success factor. It is through the culture lens that a project’s leadership comes alive. We work alongside project leaders, helping them ‘walk their talk’ of good leadership.


Every aspect of project life is, in a sense, a political activity, involving differing if not conflicting levels of interest, power and influence for potential gains and costs. We work with project leaders to constructively navigate through this political quagmire.

"Keogh supported us in developing and maintaining a clear vision of the desired project outcome and how to get there, and engagement of all stakeholders (including government ministers) in the process. A lasting impact of Keogh’s work was the establishment of a high-performance, one team culture."

Project Director, Oil and Gas Mega Project


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Case Study: PNG LNG

Keogh provided strategic advice to senior executives and helped mould an integrated approach between the development and production arms of the project.

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