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The Leadership Edge is based on contemporary and integrated design principles. It incorporates cutting edge opportunities for accelerating your capacity to build high-performance cultures and deliver accelerated business performance.



SELF:  learning to manage your own self, before any others, for greatest empowerment and impact - the first mantra of compelling leadership

QUANTUM: using all of your senses and ways of being aware to see and work the less obvious energetics, patterns and dynamics for creating the space for quantum lifts in performance and outcome

THE SMARTS: harnessing smart technology, artificial intelligence and big data for thinking and acting holistically, integrally, strategically and sustainably 

LEGACY: identifying and shaping a compelling, high-order purpose/destination that is worth striving for and will make a difference

COMMUNITY: engaging the minds and hearts of people to mobilise their efforts for collective achievement 

THE WORLD: seeing the world through new eyes, claiming space as a global citizen for seeing new possibilities and creating new realities


  • Self-aware leaders who impact others in powerfully constructive ways
  • Leaders who shift and shape the unseen energetics of their environment to lift others and deliver quantum improvements in performance
  • Leaders with the courage to engage the brave new world of opportunities offered through application of multifaceted, smart technologies and modalities
  • Leaders awake to glimpsing and capturing their business’s unique spark of brilliance and possibility and translating this into a compelling destiny
  • Leaders with the ability to engage others at deeper levels of personal meaning as much as rational understanding, for unified action
  • Leaders with a global perspective who are capable of viewing opportunities and challenges through multiple lenses for innovative ways forward