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  • A high-potential supervisor, manager or team leader on the verge of promotion or career progression
  • A newly minted executive leader
  • A high-talent individual identified by others as a future leader
  • A colleague who also attends, thus building the momentum for transformation in the business

The new generation of approaches for increasing business productivity and profitability revolves around innovating and building new value – cost-cutting can only get you a part of the way there. It is not in itself a recipe for future success based on growth.

Mid-level Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders are the under-utilised key for growing your abundance and success pie.  This is particularly true of your budding, high potential people - your next generation of Senior Leaders.  For they are key to:

  • translating strategy for front-line workability and innovation
  • seeing the real barriers to effective operations and practice
  • mobilising problem-solving action
  • powerfully influencing culture.

However many have received little input on how to be as effective leaders as they are managers and technical/professional experts.  This is why Leadership Edge is uniquely targeted for them – this is a strategic focus.  Build your current and future capability by investing in leaders – they are the linchpin for your future whole-of-business success.