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At Keogh Consulting, we are mindful that at the heart of every organisation are its people. Consequently, all our initiatives are people-focused and recognise the individual’s value to the organisation.

Keogh Consulting assists people to grow and develop so that they can create and achieve personal and professional goals and visions which are aligned to their purpose.

Central to this process is the ‘Wisdom Wheel’ – a model developed by Allan Keogh - which enables individuals to profile, explore and develop behaviours and skills to support and grow universal, global, emotional, spiritual, physical and technical wisdom.

Every individual’s personal development process is unique, but they all involve:

  • Exploration
  • Discovery
  • Transition plans as an integrated part of the personal development plan
  • Execution and implementation of plans
  • Momentum for progression and sustaining application
  • Support and celebration of success.

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