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Keogh Consulting has undertaken over 400 assignments in organisational architecture and transformation, including 100+ large-scale interventions initiated by the chief executive, senior management team, or the board. These major projects have been three to six years in duration, in which Keogh Consulting has taken key advisory roles in the design and delivery of organisational development and transformation strategies, either as a sole responsibility, or in partnership with senior management/steering teams.

Specifically, we have achieved organisational transformation for our clients through:

  • Design of organisational architecture (including community/town design, visioning,cultural design, organisational structure and business strategy)
  • Organisation development and transformation strategic planning
  • Board and executive team development
  • Chief executive and executive management team development
  • Leadership and management development – stratified, integrated programs for all levels from executive management to frontline supervisors
  • Implementation of major change and transition management.

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