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  • Brilliant Swansong

    07 Jul 2014

    Ric Charlesworth has gone out at the top of his game. 

    The master coach has pulled the pin on an illustrious career after steering the Australian men’s hockey side to another smashing World Cup victory.

    That triumph caps the Kookaburras’ years of success since he became coach in 2008. And it follows an earlier sustained era of brilliance by the Hockeyroos, the women’s team that he guided through most of the 1990s. Both teams won a string of World Cups, Champions trophies and Commonwealth gold medals. But the women went one better during his time; they won Olympic gold at the Atlanta and Sydney games.

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  • Pope of Hope

    19 Jun 2014

    It isn't just the Catholic faithful praying for him.

    Pope Francis has been a breath of fresh air blowing through the cathedrals and palaces of the Catholic Church. Through simple gestures, as well as words and action, he has changed the whole tone of the pontiff's relationship with his flock.

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  • An Impressive Band of Traitors

    10 Jun 2014

    Don't damn all political defectors. There are some fine individuals among the motley collection.

    It seems like tribal instinct. The backlash is fierce when a politician defects from his party and offers succour to the other clan. Treachery, traitor, turncoat and rat — they're all part of the barrage of abuse when loyalties are crossed. 

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  • Hot Pink

    20 May 2014

    Chrissy Amphlett has passed on but her legacy is still evolving. 

    She was the wild child of Australian rock 'n' roll. On stage, dressed in school smock and torn fishnet stockings, she would snarl and scowl at her audience. She would scream, she would sulk, she would pout. And she could touch herself.

    There was nothing demure about Chrissy Amphlett, the brilliant voice of the Divinyls, the band that gave us a string of Australian rock anthems back in the late 80s. It was an enthralling, confronting performance, a tormented whirl of energy and female hurt. 

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  • Madame Chairman

    07 May 2014

    The woman has power, poise and pizazz.

    She's French. She's tall and elegant. And she exercises power on the global stage in a way that sits lightly on her shoulders. 

    Christine Lagarde is a pioneering woman. She is the first female boss of the International Monetary Fund, the world banking institution at the heart of attempts to reboot the financial system after the global meltdown. 

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  • A Quota of Truth

    14 Apr 2014

    Words don't always mean what they seem to mean. 

    Australia has been doing foreign trade deals, formal or informal, for millenia. It goes back as far as the indigenous trade in trepang (sea cucumbers) with the islands of Indonesia and PNG, long before white settlers began shipping out wool, wheat, gold, iron ore and gas.

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  • Royalty on the Job at APPEA

    06 Apr 2014

    Sound the horns and bang the productivity drum

    Martin Ferguson is already royalty, according to the Prime Minister. Blue-blooded, Labor royalty. So the former energy minister won't need one of those knighthoods that are back in vogue.

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  • Boof and the Baggy Green

    01 Apr 2014

    The official title is coach but if the leadership cap fits...

    His birth certificate records his name as Darren Scott Lehmann, born 1970, but the cricketing world knows him simply as Boof, the new and very successful national coach of the Australian Test side. 

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  • Brothers in Purple

    04 Mar 2014

    Looking for leadership on and off the footy field.

    What an unusual mixing of professional sport and business. The Dockers and Woodside, elite teams from two very different spheres, got together to share insights about leadership and performance. 

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  • An Adult Game

    18 Feb 2014

    The game is called Traffic Jam – and it’s serious fun. 

    It started out as a puzzle played with counters in the tea shops or dusty streets of ancient eastern civilisations. Gawd knows what its name was then, but it wouldn’t have been Traffic Jam.

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