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  • Madame Chairman

    07 May 2014

    The woman has power, poise and pizazz.

    She's French. She's tall and elegant. And she exercises power on the global stage in a way that sits lightly on her shoulders. 

    Christine Lagarde is a pioneering woman. She is the first female boss of the International Monetary Fund, the world banking institution at the heart of attempts to reboot the financial system after the global meltdown. 

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  • A Quota of Truth

    14 Apr 2014

    Words don't always mean what they seem to mean. 

    Australia has been doing foreign trade deals, formal or informal, for millenia. It goes back as far as the indigenous trade in trepang (sea cucumbers) with the islands of Indonesia and PNG, long before white settlers began shipping out wool, wheat, gold, iron ore and gas.

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  • Royalty on the Job at APPEA

    06 Apr 2014

    Sound the horns and bang the productivity drum

    Martin Ferguson is already royalty, according to the Prime Minister. Blue-blooded, Labor royalty. So the former energy minister won't need one of those knighthoods that are back in vogue.

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  • Boof and the Baggy Green

    01 Apr 2014

    The official title is coach but if the leadership cap fits...

    His birth certificate records his name as Darren Scott Lehmann, born 1970, but the cricketing world knows him simply as Boof, the new and very successful national coach of the Australian Test side. 

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  • Brothers in Purple

    04 Mar 2014

    Looking for leadership on and off the footy field.

    What an unusual mixing of professional sport and business. The Dockers and Woodside, elite teams from two very different spheres, got together to share insights about leadership and performance. 

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  • An Adult Game

    18 Feb 2014

    The game is called Traffic Jam – and it’s serious fun. 

    It started out as a puzzle played with counters in the tea shops or dusty streets of ancient eastern civilisations. Gawd knows what its name was then, but it wouldn’t have been Traffic Jam.

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  • To Bin Or Not To Bin

    28 Jan 2014

    What a waste. Most New Year resolutions are set up to fail.

    The crackle and pop of the New Year have come and gone. The fireworks are over and the empty bottles of bubbly have been consigned to the recycling bin.

    But have the accompanying New Year resolutions already ended up in the bin too, probably to be recycled some other year?

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  • A Broader Purpose

    13 Jun 2013

    At Keogh Consulting, we continue to find ourselves in a growing number of conversations with our clients about their legacy and how they can make an even greater impact in the world - in other words what is their organisation's broader purpose.

    Therefore it was timely to hear President Obama talk into this topic a few weeks back, when he gave the commencement address at Morehouse College, a prestigious all male liberal arts college in Atlanta, traditionally for African Americans.

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  • The Croods-A Transformational Movie Review

    24 May 2013

    Have you ever experienced the animated/children’s movie epiphany? You know, where you are expecting a laugh or two, something cute, and perhaps a little guilt from eating too much popcorn? Instead, tucked into the very heartbeat of the movie, in a simple but sophisticated script, you are confronted with a deep and powerful message.

    Last week I was having a conversation with a colleague of mine, Engine PR Director - Beth Burgess. She had just returned from seeing the DreamWorks animated movie The Croods, and she’d had an epiphany of her own.

    About dealing with change and accepting innovation.

    While in the cinema, right there in front of her, was a beautifully animated children’s movie about Transformation, The Croods.

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  • Team ’Mates’ and the Best of Enemies…

    28 Mar 2013

    With controversy raging over the result of the Malaysian Formula1 Grand Prix on the 23rd -24th of March, I found myself asking, 'Is it fair to risk it all for personal gain at the expense of your teammate and team?'
    Red Bull drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber may well be asking this same question - and coming up with different answers.
    Vettel overtook his teammate with 13 laps to go, despite being told by the Team Principal to hold position.

    Before we 'win', is it worth considering: What is the price of my victory? What will the impact be on my team and my reputation?

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