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    07 Apr 2015

    The tag was meant to be a putdown. But Australia’s best-known arts administrator turned it into another leadership strength.

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    17 Mar 2015

    The glass ceiling certainly didn’t stop Heather Ridout.

     Heather Ridout was chief executive of Ai Group, one of Australia’s leading business organisations, for eight years and a highly effective business advocate whose measured advice was regularly sought by governments

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    03 Mar 2015

    The very best leaders think and act with feeling. They can engage others and bring them along – in mind and in spirit

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    17 Feb 2015

    It takes a lot more than pedal power to get there

    For Tony Abbott, last week’s leadership revolt was a near-death experience. But not terminal. He would heed its lessons by listening more, learning and making adjustments. Just like any decent leader would.

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    03 Feb 2015

    Many words are uttered, far fewer are heard and really understood

    Talking sticks have been around a long, long time – and they work.

    It’s not magic but, when used correctly, a stick can facilitate the conversation among a group of people and build stronger connections between them, it can improve their understanding of each other, and it can enhance their prospects for easing tensions or resolving problems.

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    05 Dec 2014

    Open the red door and come inside.

    You will find the Keogh experience distilled to its core — a celebration of our 30 year history. 

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  • Talk, transparency and trust

    02 Dec 2014

    Well done Brisbane, that was a very different G20 meeting.

    Regardless of the ring of high security, a G20 meeting of international leaders is always a honeypot for protests and other forms of dissent around its perimeter.

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  • The Humble Leader

    18 Nov 2014

    Jose Mujica is a small, rotund man who casts a big shadow across his country.

    Pepe, as he is known, may seem like a simple flower farmer still eking out an existence from the rich soils of Uruguay long after he has passed his prime. But the self-described “rheumatic old man” is in fact the leader of that small, affluent country in Latin America.

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  • Almighty Gough

    04 Nov 2014

    Praise the giant, and heed the chinks in the legend

    Men and women of Australia, he's gone. And we lesser mortals are left to sort the fact from the fiction, the myth from reality.

    Gough did not really walk on water, but he did lead the Labor Party out of the wilderness and into national government for the first time in 23 years.

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  • Jonah and the Heretic

    14 Oct 2014

    A modern parable with a whale of a difference 

    Jonah was swallowed by a whale and lived to tell the tale.  The story of the prophet surviving three days and three nights in the belly of a “big fish” became part of all three Semitic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

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