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  • Sweet Relief

    02 Sep 2014

    Giving a voice to a very personal trauma

    Megan Washington is happiest on the stage. She is an exceptional singer and songwriter whose career has taken off in Australia in the past few years. Her highly personal songs and indie pop style are drawing bigger and bigger audiences and rave reviews.

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  • The Fighter

    16 Sep 2014

    The Qantas chief executive is a darn good scrapper 

    Alan Joyce has battled round after round of turmoil, crisis and confrontation at the Qantas airline group in his six years in the job, yet he’s still standing.

    Like the company itself, he is bruised and bloodied, and there’s a lot of shareholders, employees, politicians and commentators lining up to disparage him. Yet the Irish-born Australian citizen is pressing on with his four-year plan to rejuvenate the airline (now more than 90 years old) and put it back on a sustainable footing.

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  • Almighty Gough

    04 Nov 2014

    Praise the giant, and heed the chinks in the legend

    Men and women of Australia, he's gone. And we lesser mortals are left to sort the fact from the fiction, the myth from reality.

    Gough did not really walk on water, but he did lead the Labor Party out of the wilderness and into national government for the first time in 23 years.

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    03 Feb 2015

    Many words are uttered, far fewer are heard and really understood

    Talking sticks have been around a long, long time – and they work.

    It’s not magic but, when used correctly, a stick can facilitate the conversation among a group of people and build stronger connections between them, it can improve their understanding of each other, and it can enhance their prospects for easing tensions or resolving problems.

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    17 Feb 2015

    It takes a lot more than pedal power to get there

    For Tony Abbott, last week’s leadership revolt was a near-death experience. But not terminal. He would heed its lessons by listening more, learning and making adjustments. Just like any decent leader would.

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