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At Keogh Consulting our promise is simple: we help organisations and individuals to find their way. Find out more

Our clients are usually +500 employee companies, in a diverse range of industries. Find out more

We help clients to reach specific goals, through personal and organisational development. Find out more

We encourage our people to set aside some work time to put back into their communities. 




Allan Keogh

Allan has over 35 years experience in transformation
at all levels.


Elizabeth Keogh

Elizabeth works with clients to build their vision and assist them to achieve their goals.




Specialises in keeping the Keogh wheels in motion and realising outcomes for clients.




Margit Mansfield

Margit loves to get people moving in a common direction.

Kendall Hogg

Kendall is Jill-of-all-trades and master of some.

Kelly Brand

Always looks on the bright side and tries to adopt a positive approach to everything she does.

Yvette Henderson

Yvette specialises in Development and Coaching.